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Sho's Lament歌词

《Sho's Lament》歌词: 歌名:Sho's Lament 歌手:Cecile Corbel 歌曲时长:02:43 所属专辑: 《借东西的阿丽埃蒂歌曲集》 歌词: Sitting in the garden Walking on the road I feel so sad I fell alone I try to hide The way I feel inside...

《Let Me Hear》 演唱: Fear, and Loathing in Las Vegas 所属专辑:《Let Me Hear》 发行时间:2014-01-07 歌词: You guys do not notice 或许你们都没有意识到 that we are gifted just by being humans 作为人类是上天的慷慨恩赐 We are ab...

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