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巴萨最新的完整球员名单 中英文的

英文: FC Barcelona is one of the world famous football club in the history of the team more than a century, won various titles 70 times, and is three won three European Cup titles, "Grand Slam" of the team , 2009, more access ...

14-15赛季 - The 2014-15 season 巴萨球衣 - FC Barcelona jersey 梅西印号 - Messi, numbered jersey 球员版 - players version

中文: 我们一生信仰巴萨 英文: Our life belief of Barcelona 日文: 私たち一生信仰バルサだった

巴萨1617赛季球衣 英文:Barcelona jerseys for the 1617 season 球衣 英文:polo shirt ; 赛季 英文:season ;


梦幻足球联盟巴萨队徽 英文:Fantasy Football League Barcelona Badge

FC Barcelona My favourite soccer team is FC Barcelona. I love all of it. The players, the coaches, the stadium, and even their fans. I oftern sleep until I watched the full game of Barce. I enjoy their attacking, their teamwork...

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