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点赞 英文

give sb a like thumb up!

give sb a like if you like this video, just thumb up.

点赞在英语里没有这个词,不过在Facebook和Twitter上有点赞的功能,也就是一个大拇指朝上的按钮,外国人称它为thumb up,所以点赞也就是thumb up,thumb大拇指的意思,up也就是上的意思

赞 [动] praise; help; assist; laud; [名] a literary eulogy; a surname; [例句]我认为此时喝杯咖啡是最赞的了。 I think coffee is probably the best thing at this point

upvote upvote是网页上的正规点赞,在生活中,你可以微笑着竖起大拇指,微微抬下嘴唇fab就够了,就是很赞的意思了,fabulous前三个字母 来源于美国青少年看K pop时听到少女时代的时候很喜欢就说了句fab ----------来自知乎

点赞就是 “like” 楼上的都没上过facebook别听他们乱说

点赞 Give the thumbs-up 朋友圈 Circle of Friends

Those who like me please give me a thumbs up . 比如“我要为我们伟大的人民点赞”,翻译成 “I would like to give a thumbs up to all our great people.” thumb 是大拇指的意思,thumbs up就是竖起大拇指, give a thumbs up 恰恰是英语中的习...

赞” is basically used as a verb meaning “to praise” or “to laud.” However, it can also be used as an adjective to mean “something/someone is great or marvelous.” Ex1: We should learn to praise ourselves. 我们要学会给自己 点赞。...

upvote;like;Give the thumbs-up

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